Are CBD Vape Products Right for You?

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If you suffer from chronic pain, chances are CBD oil can significantly help with your symptoms. If it can, choosing to stick with pharmaceutical medicine is not a good idea. It’s common knowledge that extended use of western medicine almost always results in bad side effects. CBD on the other hand, has relatively none. In fact, if there were, you can be sure that one of the many anti-cannabis agencies in the U.S. would have found them by now, since CBD oil is a direct threat to many pharmaceuticals in the market. However, that’s not the only reason to go with CBD. If you suffer from chronic pain which comes and goes without warning, then you need relief as soon as possible. CBD vape products can affect your body much faster because of the way they’re taken, since digesting a pill can take much longer, keeping you in pain for that duration.

 How Vaping is Better Than Ingesting 

CBD has a much different bioavalability factor when vaped, rather than ingested. When ingested, CBD has to pass your intestines, and then your liver, before finally entering the bloodstream. Because of this, roughly 85% of that CBD goes to waste, and only 15% actually takes effect. Vaping CBD causes the substance to diffuse directly into your bloodstream, which raises its bioavailability to almost 60%. This means you need almost four times as much CBD when taken orally to have the safe effect when compared to vaping. Higher potency and a quicker delivery to your bloodstream make this an ideal solution for quick pain management. However, there is an issue with vaping when it comes to people with breathing problems. Unfortunately, if you suffer from asthma, or other breathing related issues, vaping will cause your breathing symptoms to worsen. For those of you who can’t vape, you can still use CBD in a pill form, and while it may take longer to take effect, along with higher quantities, it’s still a much safer solution when compared to pharmaceutical medicine, which is responsible for the most drug related deaths in the U.S. 

Learning More about CBD 

Keep in mind that your average doctor probably won’t recommend a natural remedy such as CBD, but not all doctors. You may have to search a bit, but if you find an expert on CBD vape products, it will be worth the time. Chronic pain requires consistent treatment, and in this case, pharmaceuticals almost always cause more problems than they fix.  

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