Guide to Help Bud Enthusiasts Select the Best Weed Strains and Enjoy


With medical marijuana getting legalized in some countries, so it is obvious that every weed grower is getting on the game. With countless competitors in the market, consumers are finding it hard to identify the good strain. Below is a guide compiled to help bud enthusiasts to be well familiar with every kind of cannabis strain, before they go shopping for weed.

Understand difference between sativa and indica

Sativa is popular for motivation and enabling you to move around rather than making you a couch potato. Sativa leaves are slim and spaced out. The level of THC is high and CBD is low. Patients suffering from depression are treated with sativa. They are likely to make people think, talk, and philosophize.


Indica has high CBD level and offers calming effect. Leaves are spread apart but closer in comparison. Indica properties are experienced well, if the buds are dense. Indica aids in health issues like insomnia, anxiety, and pain relief. After smoking indica, body feels heavy and relaxed. It locks consumers to the couch. Athletes find this great to relax their muscle tension or can help to unwind after a hectic day at work.


Hybrids are ideal combination of relaxation and energizing. It depends on the ratio of Indica to sativa. Hybrids get designed with an aim to maintain best qualities of both parent plants, so the results are often super-potent weeds.

Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]

THC is a natural chemical present in marijuana, which gives the feel of high. It interacts with brain and has dopamine released. Basically, it is believed to provide the cannabis plant, a defense mechanism to ward herbivorous animals and keep flowers safe.


Frost or sugary crystals, you see all across the strain are trichomes. THC hangs out in the trichomes, leaves, and stems. Looking closely, trichomes give the look of small mushrooms with different colors. When you consume the trichomes need to be amber or milky. Amber colored makes one feel relaxed and milky trichomes offer more cerebral high. Clear trichomes are just wastes.

Correctly dried

When the cannabis plant’s stem snaps on bending, it means the marijuana has dried properly. Wet weed must not be smoked. A bag of wet kush means there is a possibility of mold on it. Alternatively, herb which crumbles and turns to powder is very dry and severe on throat. In this case, add some lettuce leaves to the dry kush, which adds little moisture making it safe to smoke. Therefore, snap a bud, prior buying.

Properly cured

Take a whiff and if you smell freshly cut lawn, it means the weed is not properly cured. After initial drying, curing process occurs and takes some weeks. In the curing process, chlorophyll breaks down. Moreover, the non-active THC turns potent active compound. Desperate growers rush curing process, which compromises pot’s quality.

Top shelf versus reggie

Brick packed reggies are cheaper than top shelf marijuana. However, top shelf marijuana is high in THC, tastes better and creates a distinctive high than reggie. Therefore, while choosing herb, pamper yourself.

Moldy marijuana

Make sure the bag of kush is looking green. Moldy weed prevails in black market but even the ones you buy from dispensaries can have mold on buds. Mold is disgusting. It does not give the high, but can root lung infection. Therefore, scan your weed carefully in brightness.


During cultivation, if nutrients are not flushed properly from cannabis plant burning it can cause sparks. Badly flushed weed tastes and smells awful. However, this issue cannot be identified until you burn it.

Popular strains available in the market are myriads. Click here to gain full details about the best high product list. However, make sure to buy weeds safely, so that you enjoy it.

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