High Quality Buds in Colorado


It is no secret that Colorado has become a popular destination for those seeking marijuana products for medical or recreational use. Whether you are seeking an Indica strain to help you get to sleep at night or a potent sativa cross for relief from anxiety, Colorado marijuana stores have what you are looking for. Laws vary from state to state, so go where you know the quality is high – to get high.

Green Dragon Offers Amazing Strains

If you saw the movie “American Beauty,” you might remember a certain marijuana strain being exchanged. That was the G-13 strain, voted Best High of All-Time by High Times Magazine. Get this super chill Indica only available at Green Dragon, and take a toke of some tasty bud with a hazy history. You’ll be as high as a plastic bag caught in an updraft!

“American Beauty” is not the only film to get on the reefer train. “Pineapple Express” isn’t just about the winds that come blowing across the globe from the Pacific! When you’re looking to get creative, hit the sativa-heavy Pineapple Express. It’s a cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian that tastes of pineapple, pine, and cedar, and it will have you up and ready to do some stuff. Climb aboard the Pineapple Express and let your imagination run wild.

Maybe you caught the award-winning docu-series “The War on Weed” and are interested in the R4 hybrid carried at some Colorado marijuana stores. This strain has the highest known CBD content (at 23.5%) and significantly less than 1% THC. This makes it great for relieving anxiety instead of inducing it, like some of the more THC-heavy strains can do. It’s also the original source of the renowned Charlotte’s Web strain, which has become well-known because of its usefulness in treating seizures.

Marijuana stores in Colorado sell a wide variety of different strains, so do your research and ask questions. Your goal is to have fun, or get relief from a medical condition, and since different breeds have different effects on the body and mind, make sure you are shopping for the right one. Green Dragon stores are staffed by trained professionals called budtenders who can help you determine what breed of weed will improve your day.

Colorado Marijuana Stores Have You Covered

Marijuana is available medically and recreationally in Colorado, so it’s a great place to live or visit if you are interested in the benefits available from cannabis products. There are many strains grown and sold in the state, for a variety of intentions. Some have been made famous by popular culture, like the G-13 strain in “American Beauty” or the Pineapple Express featured in the movie of the same name. Some have gained fame for being medical breakthroughs, like the seizure-reducing Charlotte’s Web strain derived from R4.
The names are fun and quirky, but different strains have different effects. One of the professional budtenders found at marijuana stores in Colorado can help answer your questions to make sure you are choosing the right Indica or sativa strain to suit your needs.

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