Know A Few Good Reasons Why Bubblers Are Popular


Bubblers are another old school tool, which are quite popular among the smoking community for many good reasons.  People who are real smokers will always prefer to own a good bubbler.

Whether you use a traditional bubbler or a newer model like hammer style bubbler, your bubblers will be considered as an essential piece of collection.

Why are these bubblers so popular and also why they have such a high staying power?

You can find few tools that are around you, but you don’t see them how slowly they become heavily adopted by people as a standard smoking device.

You can find such bubblers in online headshop too, which is mostly supplied by Express, one of the popular brands for smoke shops.

Following are few reasons for their popularity.

  1. Portability

People who are interested to smoke in a discrete way acquire bubbler among your waterpipe collection can make a very good addition. This is because bubblers are of compact size, which can be easily stored.

Also, for the same reason it can be easily carried because it will fit in your purse or backpack by using a proper protective covering.

2. No accessories needed

Since a vast majority of bubblers are not having any removable parts.

Therefore, you need not be concerned at all about fumbling around for any smaller parts or forgetting any of its attachments while you are travelling.

3. Filtration

There will be water used inside the chamber of bubbler that filters various kinds of toxins like ash or tar in same manner like other water pieces can do. This will ensure you will get much cleaner and smoother hit, which is also much easier on throat.

4. Diverse options

You can be rest assured that you will be able to find a right bubbler, which will be the best fit for your style. This is because there is almost endless selection of different colorful and also creative designs.

Few bubblers, like one available called as Double Trouble Bubbler, which are made with 2 mouthpieces, and as a result, it can offer you twice the fun.

Few other single types of mouthpiece bubblers known as Pink-Skull Sidecar Bubbler have more intricate shape, having eye catching colors too.

5. Smoother pull

Bubblers utilize water within their chambers much like any water pipe, for smoothening out the smoke. As you inhale all the smoke from hand pipe, there may still be lots of fragments or debris present in the smoke.

All these may end up in the mouth, and offer unpleasant experience. Bubbler can however take care of that by using water.

6. Better taste

Due to using water, bubblers will provide much better taste of herbs. All the smoke coming from burning herbs will pass through water before it will reach your mouth. This will clean the smoke and will act as filter. As a result, you will not experience any bitter after-taste.

7. Smaller size

Bubbler is popular due to its small size. It is possible to conceal products and odor, but often can’t hide that you are smoking.

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