Can Regular Use of CBD Generate Tolerance in the user?


It is well known that regular or too much consumption of THC causes tolerance in our body. One of the sister elements of THC is CBD. CBD is seen as a wonder drug by people. It has been proven to be effective in cases of epilepsy, anxiety issues, stress, arthritis, diabetes, etc no matter what form you take it in, it is a must-have for health-conscious people.

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Tolerance refers to the phenomenon in which a person has to regularly increase the dosage of a drug to maintain CBD öl wirkung or CBD oil effect. It can be in various forms and due to various reasons. In some cases, the cells become less responsive and thus the dosage has to be increased with time. Another way in which tolerance is developed can be metabolic.

In this type of tolerance, the total substance which reaches the reactive site becomes significantly low. Another form of tolerance is behaviour wherein the person becomes accustomed to the effects generated by substance.

How does CBD interact with the Endocannabinoid system?

CBD reduces the binding ability of the CB1 receptor by a phenomenon called negative allosteric modulation. This makes the receptors less reactive to other cannabinoids. The effects of CBD are, essentially, just the opposite of THC. CBD gives a rest to your endocannabinoid system. Many issues like anxiety and overeating are because of the overactivity of our system.

CBS also fosters the natural endocannabinoids of our body. It forms bonds with the protein. The mix increases in the natural endocannabinoid in our body along with the antagonized CB1 receptive site induces a sensation of relaxation and relieves stress.

Does it lead to tolerance?

Researches have suggested that CBD is not a tolerance-generating drug. What it is, is the opposite of tolerance generating drug, i.e., the users of CBD would require lesser levels of CBD to get the desired effects. Unlike the pot-smokers, CBD consumers need not worry about the tolerance being generated.

It is recommended that pot smokers add some CBD to their diet of cannabinoids.


CBD is a wonderful drug with minimal or no side effects. It has been proven effective against multiple maladies. The stress-reducing effect of CBD makes it the most desired drug in today’s times when every second person suffers from stress and anxiety issues.


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