How To Use CBD Oil To Its Full Potential

By now if you’re even slightly aware of world events, you’re at least aware to some extent of the huge shifts in the perception of cannabis all around the world. With Canada now becoming the second nation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis on a federal level, we can expect to experience some pretty significant changes in the next few decades. Besides recreational use, the cannabis sativa plant is being recognized more and more as a legitimate medicine for the treatment of a huge and diverse list of illnesses, physical or mental. You might know that CBD oil is super healthy supplement for just about anybody’s diet but maybe you don’t know how to use it in your life, let alone how to use CBD oil to its full potential. This article’s here to give you a few things to keep in mind when you try out your first CBD tincture to see what all the hype is about.


There’s a pretty good chance that any tincture you purchase is a mixture of several ingredients to aid in the delivery of the CBD to your body as well as to provide a better flavor. Some separation can occur if this is the case and a little shake back and forth is all it takes to get everything nice and mixed up again. When it comes to guides telling you how to use CBD oil, this is one step that is often overlooked which results in people taking drops of grapeseed or coconut oil with very little CBD, if any.

Let It Sit Under Your Tongue For A Minute

CBD is definitely active when ingested orally, but it is true that some of it can be lost to the digestion process. This is the number one rule for how to use CBD oil if you want to get the most mileage out of your product. Just let the oil sit there under your tongue for a good sixty seconds before you swallow it to ensure that your gums absorb every last CBD molecule into your bloodstream. This also helps you avoid some of the flavor for those really pure CBD products, which taste pretty darn nasty to most people. If you’re thinking “oh, but I like the taste of weed in my edibles”, trust me, CBD tincture does not taste like THC oil, it is much more bitter and tough to swallow, be warned.


The Countless Benefits Of Hemp Oil In Your Diet

By now almost everybody in the Western world has heard to some extent that the cannabis sativa plant is a viable and natural alternative medicine to a lot of toxic and taxing substances sold by pharmaceutical companies. Whether by smoking it, vaporizing it, or ingesting it orally, cannabis and the cannabinoids within it seem to make new ripples in the world of medical science every other week. Spending a near equal amount of time in the spotlight as THC is CBD, which can’t get anybody high no matter how hard they try, but still brings near miraculous relief to some people for a huge variety of medical issues. What many people don’t realize is that you don’t have to be ill from any type of condition to experience improvements to your health from CBD hemp oil which doesn’t even contain THC. So here’s a couple of the potential benefits of hemp oil you might feel if you add it to your diet as a daily supplement.


If you suffer from severe and chronic anxiety in your daily life, it probably isn’t wise to rely on CBD alone to keep your anxiety at bay. For people who only suffer from the occasional bout of social anxiety or physiological anxiety symptoms (which is just about anybody), a daily dose of CBD can make all the difference. Among the many benefits of hemp oil is it’s proven effectiveness at decreasing the activity in the limbic section of your brain which is tied to the “fight or flight” response all mammals have. If hemp oil doesn’t quite do the trick, you can also try CBD cannabis oils that contain THC and other cannabinoids as well, since cannabinoids work best when interacting with each other.

Muscle And Joint Pain

Most people are familiar with the intense muscle and joint pain that is common after particularly intense workouts. Most people aren’t familiar with how magical CBD can be to reduce this pain. Seriously, next time you go a bit too hard at the gym just get your hands on some hemp oil and experience the benefits yourself. If this doesn’t work out for you like you hoped, try again with a topical lotion or cream for more targeted relief in your muscles and joints. Again, the benefits of hemp oil are best felt when the CBD interacts with other cannabinoids, so there’s nothing wrong with combining the treatment with a little spliff to your lungs if acquiring legitimate cannabis oil isn’t an option for you.


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